Minnesota Library Professional Development Network

We are excited to announce the launch of a year-long campaign to support libraries as they grapple with today’s fractured and challenging media landscape. 

Campaign Goals

This campaign will help Minnesota library staff:

  • Understand how people navigate the media and information landscape, and how forces within that landscape influence their navigation.   
  • Learn how to build reflection and intentionality into their information consumption.
  • Gain strategies for working with their communities on intentional approaches to information consumption.
Campaign Description

Campaign partners will help organize and lead a series of online webinars and conversations, and gather existing tools and resources for sharing. The campaign will include: 

  • Invited speakers external to the library community on topics such as misinformation, filter bubbles, radicalism, and media literacy.
  • An open invitation for speakers from within the Minnesota library community on best practices in information literacy instruction and programming.
  • An on-demand collection of resources for libraries.

23 Things

This new series of mini-courses, created by the seven Minnesota Multitype Library Systems (Multitypes), meets the needs of Minnesota library staff by helping them understand how their users navigate the present media and information landscape, and how forces within that landscape influence their navigation.

It is designed to help library staff engage more deeply with the issues and concepts addressed in the Media Landscapes Campaign. By working together through these Things, we will all have a greater understanding of disinformation, information/digital literacy, and how to address these issues in various ways and in various library settings.

You can find more information, registration, and the mini-courses here: Media Landscapes: 23 Things

Call for Proposals

We are looking for Minnesota librarians and educators to share their expertise, best practices, and programming ideas related to information and media literacy. If you are interested in offering a presentation as part of this campaign, please let us know!





Campaign Partners

Media Landscapes is funded by the following Minnesota organizations: 

Minitex https://minitex.umn.edu/ 

Council of Regional Public Library System Administrators https://www.crplsa.info/ 

Minnesota Multitype Library Systems http://metrolibraries.net/other-resources/minnesota-multitypes/ 

PALS (Program for Automated Library Systems) https://www.mnpals.org/