About Us

Level Up is managed by the Library Professional Development Network (LPDN), which is an ad hoc group of organizations in Minnesota that offers various types of professional development (PD) to library staff at all levels in all types of libraries. The effort is to provide coordination through communication–providing information to planners to aid in avoiding duplication of effort and information to staff that may be seeking PD opportunities. There is no intention that the LPDN will direct or determine any organization’s PD offerings.

Goals of the LPDN

  • Identify PD opportunities for MN library staff at all levels in all types of libraries.
  • Identify gaps in offerings by staff level, content area, geographic area, or other parameters.  
  • Identify methods of providing PD that addresses gaps in a variety of formats.
  • Increase cross-organizational awareness of PD opportunities.
  • Communicate the availability of PD opportunities to MN library staff in an easy to use, comprehensive format that makes it a one-stop operation for staff seeking training opportunities.

This statewide site displays all library professional development information to MN library staff, including:

  • Upcoming sessions.  
  • Info about library professional development providers.

LPDN Membership

  • Multicounty Multitype Library Systems
  • Regional Public Library Systems (CRPLSA) 
  • Minitex 
  • ITEM 
  • MLA 
  • MN State Library Services 
  • PALS 
  • CLIC 
  • St. Catherine University MLIS 

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