23 Things



Welcome to Media Landscapes: 23 Things. The seven Minnesota Multicounty Multitype Library Systems have designed a new series of the 23 Things in collaboration with Minitex, to support the Media Landscapes Campaign. Media Landscapes is designed to meet the needs of Minnesota library staff through the following goals: 

  • Understand how people navigate the media and information landscape, and how forces within that landscape influence their navigation.
  • Learn how to build reflection and intentionality into their information consumption.
  • Gain strategies for working with their communities on intentional approaches to information consumption.

This series of 23 Things is designed to help library staff engage more deeply with the issues and concepts addressed in the Media Landscapes Campaign. By working together through these Things, we should all have a greater understanding of disinformation, information/digital literacy, and how to address these issues in various ways and in various library settings. 

How This Works

If you participated in any of the Multicounty Multitype previous 23 Things–Things on a Stick, More Things on a Stick, Mobile Things–you already have an idea of how the program works.

  1. This is a self-paced online learning program. You are in charge of your learning; you set the timeline for doing and completing the Things, you decide how much time to spend on each, and you decide which Things are most important for you.
  2. You can do the Things in any order, although some might make more sense done in sequence or after one of the Media Landscapes events. It is up to you. You can do all the Things or only those that you want to know more about. 
  3. The Things all follow a similar format. Each Thing will have supplemental readings or videos on the key concepts. Following the readings/videos are a series of activities that encourage deeper thinking on the topics, explain a tool or two that may help you identify misinformation or other areas, or additional content. Each Thing requires no more than 45-60 minutes or more with supplemental activities.
  4. The Things will be released on a rolling basis. There will not be one Thing per Media Landscapes presentation. Instead, there will be multiple Things based on the ideas and concepts around digital and information literacy from the speakers 
  5. The Things will include several questions you can use to continue your thinking on the topic or use to introduce the topic into a conversation. 
  6. At the end of each Thing, there is a brief evaluation. Completing this will help us to know you’ve completed that Thing.  
  7. Register so you receive updates when new Things are released and new events are scheduled. You may use any email address you check regularly. Completing the evaluation at the end of each Thing, with your registered email address, is also how we determine credit for clock hours. Register
  8. You can receive clock hours for the Things you do completely. Completing the evaluation at the end of each Thing, with your registered email address, is how we determine credit for clock hours. No partial hours are awarded.

Note: We recommend using the Chrome browser for doing the Media Landscapes: 23 Things. If possible, install at least these two extensions to make it more efficient. Adblock for Youtube™ will let you watch videos without ads and Adblock blocks many annoying ads and popups.

Participants are encouraged to work together with others in their libraries or regions and to share their insights and discoveries. Libraries can establish discussion groups or other communication tools to support each other throughout the process. 


What are Things? 

Things are units or lessons based on concepts and ideas brought forth by the Media Landscapes’ speakers, along with general information literacy concepts. Each Thing represents one unit and contains information to help you better understand that concept.

Where are the Things?

The Things are on the LevelUp Minnesota website here: https://levelupmn.org/

Who can participate?

This program is for academic, public, K-12 school, and special library staff as well as members of their Governing Boards, their Friends groups, or Advisory Groups. Everyone is welcome to participate. 

You can also involve your students, family members and friends outside of the library world to participate with you. Some of the activities may be appropriate in classrooms or for family/friend conversations. 

Why do I have to register?

Registration helps us know how many people are interested in the program. It also allows us to email you when new Things are released and for an evaluation at the end of the program. You may register with any email address that you check regularly. Register

Do I have to do all the Things?

You can do all of the Things, some of the Things, or one of the Things; you choose what works best for you.

Can I receive clock hours or other recognition of my participation? 

Yes, you can receive clock hours for the Things you do completely. Completing the evaluation at the end of each Thing, with your registered email address, is how we determine credit for clock hours. No partial hours are awarded.

Who are the Multitypes?

 The Multitypes (MCMT) respond to the needs of library staff by providing them with library support services. They also believe that knowledgeable library staff are better able to meet the needs of their library users. One of the goals of the Joint Strategic Plan the Multitypes adopted in 2021 is to provide learning opportunities to library staff. This program builds on previous joint MCMT efforts to create statewide learning opportunities and increase member networking opportunities. You can learn more here.

Can I suggest a Thing or a tool or an activity?

Yes! Email your ideas to minn23@gmail.com