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The Nuts & Bolts of Libguides: 3 Part Series
Monday May 25, 2022 at 1PM

In this Learning with LOUIS three-part series, we will be exploring the nuts and bolts of LibGuides. Each session will feature how-to presentations on a specific LibGuides task, as well as demonstrations of successful guides.

In part 1 on May 25 at 1PM “Creating a Course Guide from Scratch and Reusing LibGuide Content” we will be exploring how to create a LibGuide from scratch, as well as how to reuse content in a new libguide.

In part 2, on June 1 at 1PM “Embedding Media in LibGuides and Creating Eye-Catching Virtual Displays“, Caitlin Cooper from Delgado Community College will present on Embedding Media in LibGuides then Rob Stephens from LOUIS will present on Creating Eye-Catching Virtual Displays.

In part 3 on June 8 at 1PM “Managing the LibGuides System” Sarah Mazur from Louisiana State University Shreveport will present on how to manage the libguides system behind the scenes.

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